“To Play or Not to Play?” That is NOT the Question!

Nancy Maynes, Maria Cantalini-Williams, Jenny Guibert


This paper presents a conceptual framework for understanding play and the role of the teacher in early years contexts from Kindergarten to Grade 3. This conceptual framework is supported by references to theoretical and practical frameworks related to play-based learning. The value of a conceptual framework to support school-based decisions about play in an early learning context provides a rationale for presenting the concept of pedagogical play in diagram form. The elements of the diagram and their descriptions are provided in detail, using theoretical and practical constructs. Next, a description of a typical early learning day is presented using the conceptual framework that is developed in this article. Lastly, the advantages of having such a framework to support teachers’ professional development and preparation are discussed.

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Copyright (c) 2016 Nancy Maynes, Maria Cantalini-Williams, Jenny Guibert


ISSN 2369-2189