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"nishishsandy" (2018-05-30)

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A word on toxic people: this doesn't mean a judgement on their Reality Bending Secrets Review
character; it is more an honest appraisal of the impact being around them has on you. Think of cheese or bread - in and of itself, those food items are not necessarily bad, but some of us are adversely affected by them.

If you feel your Best Self around someone, it's a fairly good sign they are life affirming and non-toxic to you. If you feel you can be yourself in all your radiant fullness (with very little editing) when you are with someone, that's a good sign. Does being around this person these people lift your up and encourage you to be better? Or do you feel smaller, diminished in some way, wrong in some way, unable to fully be your true self? Does this person these people zap your energy and only make withdrawals from the relationship bank account? Or do they deposit more than they withdraw? Pay attention and remove toxic influences from your life. It is the proverbial weeding of the garden.

Be aware of clutter and the impact it has on your ability to be your 'best self'. Clearing clutter is the cheapest way to create an environment that supports you - it shouldn't cost much, if anything, to clear clutter from your space. The world wide web has over 9 million listings under "clutter" and many experts in this field draw a direct relationship between clutter and creativity and calm - the more clutter you have, the less creative and calm you can be. And by 'creative', I mean your capacity to be a conscious creator of the life that you want.

Be aware of what other aspects are part of your environment and the impact they are having on you. Noise pollution is one of the common causes of stress for many people - they literally cannot think straight with certain kinds of noise around them. Include music in this - what are you listening to, and what affect is it having on you? Become conscious - be alert & still: fully present - of how the sounds surrounding you are impacting your ability to be the conscious creator of the life you want.

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