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"willamprincy" (2018-05-31)

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Foot pain can have a number of causes Nerve Renew Review from standing all day to wearing uncomfortable shoes. Apart from pain a result of mistreatment of the feet, foot pain may be in the form of bunions, heel spurs, pinched nerves, ingrown toe nails amongst other complications. Foot pain can be an excruciating ordeal not to mention the fact that it can also be debilitating, it is therefore beneficial to be aware of some home remedies that can aid relieve aching feet.

Vinegar is one remedy that can be used to relieve aching feet using hot and cold wraps. This remedy entails heating water and having cold water of the same amount mixed with vinegar. Two towels can then be used by soaking the towel in the mixture and then wrapped around the feet alternating between hot and cold. Either the hot or cold towel should be wrapped for five minutes at a time and should be repeated thrice.

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