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"nishishsandy" (2018-06-02)

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Horse racing isn't everyone's game. A number of people get into horse race betting, Lotto Master Formula Review putting money on the most obvious horses and end up losing well most of the times! a lot of money. "What did I do wrong this time?" they ask, if I may say! If you're into horse racing, you need is a god horse race betting system not easy to understand, though. While you go about learning a betting system, we have here, with us, some good horse race betting tips for you to get you started in the arena right away

* Stick to the Winner: There are two kinds of winners: The ones who generally win but have recently hit a rough patch and the ones who are winning, as of now. Stick to the horses that are finishing in money, NOW, i.e. at least second or third in their last four games, if not first!

* The Question of Favourites: If you've chosen a horse that was a favourite and has a consistent record of wins for the same type of race, you've chosen the right one. The horse is sure to get you some big returns in the future.

* Don't Bet!: A horse that has won its last race on longshot odds and is running a low odds game today shouldn't be betted upon. It's that simple! Don't go for the funeral if you weren't there for the wedding.

* Handicapping Tool:Finding the right horse matters a lot! And remember, you are betting on a horse, not a jockey! Choose a horse that is good at either running particular tracks or running distances! If you can't make a choice, just go ahead and bet on the top 3 money churners that are good at either of the two.

As you must have already noticed, this is one of the most powerful handicapping tools, very simple to implement while betting.If you've found yourself a heavy favourite horse that is being dropped one class due to a favourable distance change, look for another one that is doing the very same thing and is being ignored for higher odds. Remember that if luck favours, this horse can make your day!

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