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Boc System

by Jency William (2018-06-02)

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After you have determined how Boc System Review much money you can afford to risk at the track, I advise you to leave the rest at home and never, ever use an ATM card at the track. Leave the ATM cards, credit cards, and extra money at home. Only take the daily limit of your bankroll to the track.The next move is to decide how many bets you will make that day. Let's say there are ten races and you want to have a bet in each race, you adrenaline junky, you, then divide your bankroll by 10 and use a tenth of it for each race. If you have $100 and there are ten races, you will have $10 per race. If you have a best bet for the day and want to bet more on it, simply reduce your bets on the other races and put the leftover amount on your best bet.While it is possible to leave the race track with more money than you started with, you just can't depend on that happening everyday, so start with an attitude that you'll do your best, but if fate is not kind, you will not do anything to hurt yourself, such as losing money you can't afford.

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