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Raikov Effect

by Jency William (2018-06-02)

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The fundamentals of a company's Raikov Effect Review stock are important. They include things like how financially strong the company is, whether the company's sales and earnings are increasing, whether it is well managed and so forth.According to William ONeil, the technical aspect found by studying charts of a stock is equally important. They include price swings, volume, ownership by management and more. These charts reflect the emotions of investors such as greed, fear, hope and despair. Knowing these emotions helps explain dramatic increases or drops in a stock price even when the company seems to have strong fundamentals.ONeil felt stock prices are governed in a large part by these emotions. This needs to be taken into account to be a successful investor in the stock market. In other words, stocks that are doing well continue to do well. Falling stocks tend to keep falling. Here is the stream of logic he followed.

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