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Regrow Hair Protocol

"willamprincy" (2018-06-04)

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Polycystic ovary syndrome can also Regrow Hair Protocol Review cause female baldness. There are particular autoimmune disorders that can cause scalp inflammation that usually cause the hair to come out in clumps or patches.

Even patchy hair loss can be due to childbirth, severe emotional trauma, crash dieting, surgery, thyroid conditions, anemia and certain medications. But, out of these causes of female baldness the most common one is a hormonal imbalance known as DHT.

The by-product of testosterone, DHT slowly causes hair follicles to shrink until hair becomes thin, falls out and not allowing any more new growth. Common after menopause since previously high estrogen levels kept the DHT in balance. But after menopause, the DHT levels fall rapidly thus allowing the levels to considerably rise.

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