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Dominador de Loteria

by Jency William (2018-06-05)

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The name Jamaal Anderson Dominador de Loteria Revisionbelongs in Atlanta. Hopefully it will get the Falcons back in a position to challenge for an NFC title. Anderson is the second best defensive end in this draft and he will fill a need for the Falcons on the defensive side of the football. If Gaines Adams were to slide, the Falcons would be doing the "Dirty Bird" again.This one might shock you a little bit with all the talk of Ginn's injury affecting his draft stock. Miami is paper thin at wide receiver and game changing kick returners are not a dime a dozen. Tedd Ginn Jr. could be this season's Devin Hester and more.This is my hopeful pick for the Texans, but don't be surprised if they make another bone head move like we saw last season when they passed up Reggie Bush. Levi Brown will help shore up an offensive line which has been this teams weak spot since starting in the National Football League.

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