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Lean Body Hacks

by Jency William (2018-06-07)

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Hey folks, I love my holiday Lean Body Hacks Review cheer, and at 50+ I'm not about to abstain, but I don't want my fitness level to go backwards either. I'm certain Ron has some great ideas to keep us all on point, but here are some tidbits (non-caloric) that might help us get through the holidays and start off the New Year in great shape:For your snack meals during the day try to stick with more pears and seasonal fruits like clementines. Try having maybe just one of the cookies that seem to be everywhere.Park a little further from the mall and get some more walking in while you shop.Take stairs to different floors of the mall instead of the escalator or elevator.Try to drink lots of water and eat a small, balanced meal before your party so you do not eat so much at the party.Install your own holiday lights and decorations on the outside of the house; the climbing up and down ladders alone will burn some extra calories.

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