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"willamprincy" (2018-06-11)

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I love the sound and feel of the words The Wealth Compass Review effortless, ease, simple, etc. For me, they are all related and mean that there is always - ALWAYS - a way to do something that feels good and doesn't feel like work. The key to remember is that even actual work doesn't have to feel like work. That is what ease and effortless are all about.

It's a mindset that orients you toward looking for a better way to get things done. These can be anything from hiring someone else to do things for you, finding the simplest and most comfortable strategy for getting things done or deciding that it doesn't even need to happen (this one is great for anything you think you "should" do. You can delegate tasks to staff, family, etc. You can also delegate tasks to technology. This is one of the ways I get so much done online - I take a little time to automate my systems and then they run themselves after that.

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