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"nishishsandy" (2018-06-14)

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To do this you simply head to the websites mentioned and follow prompts to create an account.Facebook Ad IQ Academy Review Using Digg as an example, you simply sign up to their site which is free of charge and then take the URL or website address of the page or content you wish to publicize and "Digg it". This is a term that has been borrowed from popular culture; the phrase to dig it means to like something. You're telling an open audience that you like the content and that it's worth them taking their time to read it. You can also ask family or friends to Digg your content as well. This way it will have a higher count and become one of the better listed options - but do take care not to overdo this and appear as a spammer.

Always make sure that the content you submit though is good quality and something that people would actually want to read and find interesting. Submitting low quality content is counter productive and, in fact, it's a waste of your time and energy. Taking the example of Digg again, this is because just as readers can "digg" your article, and give it a "thumbs up", they can also "thumb it down" by clicking in the "bury" button instead. By providing good quality content you are doing your bit to promote both your site and best practice in search engine marketing.

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