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"nishishsandy" (2018-06-18)

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Lymphedema is a swelling condition of the limbs and trunk of the Nuculture Review body that is caused by a disturbance to the lymph nodes and the Lymphatic System. The disturbance can be caused by lymph node removal from surgical procedures, radiation, infections and I have also heard of cases that were even caused from insect bites. A person can also be born with it as well. Although there is presently no Lymphedema cure, it can be managed.

About 6 years ago my mother had breast removal surgery on one side. A short time later, her arm began to swell. Not knowing what was happening, she went back to see her surgeon and was told that she had Lymphedema in her arm. However, she was not given a therapy program or even much advice as to what she could do to help the condition. She and I later discovered that doctors don't seem to know much about this problem or if a Lymphedema cure is even available. It was only from the internet that we learned about this condition and the exercises, compression sleeves and massage therapy that could help it. The use of compression sleeves and massage therapy, which force lymph fluid from swollen limbs and swollen body areas into the lymphatic system, thus removing it from the body, along with exercise, is and have been a great help. From massage therapy, wrappings and exercise she has been able to do a good job of living life normally and these same things can also work for you.

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