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"Rohini matthew" (2018-06-18)

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ADHD articles often discuss the disorder in general and provide tips on how to deal with a child who has ADHD. Oftentimes, articles on ADHD include several Optimind Review controversies surrounding it.Some of the issues that have been a matter of great debate and concern among doctors, researchers, parents, and even the general public include whether ADHD is a real disorder or not. Other articles on ADHD publish doubts about the legitimacy of the methods used to make an ADHD diagnosis, and concern over the stereotyping of children with ADHD, to name a few.Perhaps the most controversial issue concerning ADHD is about the medication management. Medications used to treat the symptoms of ADHD are called stimulants, and under theclassification of psychotropic drugs. Apprehension comes from the fact that these medications cause sometimes dangerous, always unwanted side effects as well as uncertain long term effects.Parental and professional concerns about stimulant drugs include its effects of growth retardation, insomnia, anorexia, addiction, and cardiovascular risk. There have also been studies that showed while use of stimulants improved behavior, academic achievement remained the same.

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