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RestUp Review

"willamprincy" (2018-06-19)

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One approach that I take is to have the RestUp patient discuss lifestyle changes which they believe will help facilitate the change. What I normally hear is words like acceptance, tolerance, compassion, and patience. I have never experienced a case where improved relationships with their significant others, family, co-workers, and even pets were not mentioned.

Then, using a hypnotic intervention I endeavor to bypass their resistance (e.g., critical factor or facility, which is synonymous with the function of the left prefrontal cortex). Once I feel that this has been adequately accomplished, I will use guided imagery to allow them to experience the heightened affective quality of the alternate reality. The experience almost always amazes even the most hardened Type A personality. My goal is to "install" a new more dominant pattern to effectively crowd out the dysfunctional one. The session is typically ended by teaching the subject self-hypnosis skills so that they can reinforce this pattern through rehearsal.

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