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The Wealth Compass Review

by Jency William (2018-06-21)

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It has been said "As a man thinketh, The Wealth Compass so he is." What does that really mean? It means that your thoughts, your beliefs, what you think of yourself can be seen all around you. "Whatever you believe you outpicture in your world."Look around yourself right now, look at your home, look at your closet, look at your car, look at your mate, and look at your body. That is what you believe! That is what your belief system is, your ego, what you have learned from the time you were born, whether taught to you or experienced by you.Is your home neat and organized? Is your closet tidy or is it thrown and cluttered? Do you have a nice well maintained car? How about your body... are you healthy, strong, firm, vibrant, and alive or are you sickly, fragile, and fat and lack that twinkle in your eye?See, your outer being reflects your mind. Your world is a mirror of your mind. It becomes cluttered with garbage and stuff thrown around, so much so that you can't get to one thing without falling over another. Some of you have self worth issues... so you feel deep down, that you are not worth having a nice new car, or a beautiful or handsome mate, or a great career or a great body. So what happens? You may have one or the other or none but you can't have it all right? Wrong!

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