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The Brain Stimulator Method Review

"nishishsandy" (2018-06-26)

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Do this mindfully and yet lightly, bring acceptance to whatever your current experience is. No need to change your experience, just be with what is.

Continue to build awareness of your body/feelings experience with thisThe Brain Stimulator Method
simple process, and you will be strengthening your own wellbeing and health in powerful ways.
The 3 most common areas that people want to create change in are their health, wealth, and relationships. Having been a healthcare provider for over 30 years now, I am able to see what helps people become successful with their healthcare goals.

Even though the primary doctrine of my work is about finding the source(s) of your unresolved health issue so that a successful treatment plan can be established, there remains the need for the client to have the correct mindset and do the internal work that's needed to successfully achieve their goals with their health.

What is mindset? What makes up the internal work that we need to be doing that is critical to creating change? There are many ways to describe this but I like to boil it down to Goals, Vision and Alignment. All 3 of these aspects are essential to really move toward your desired change.

SET GOALS: Big or small, be concrete and write them down! Be VERY specific about them, make sure that these goals are YOUR goals and check out from how deep of a DESIRE do they come? Don't say, "I want to lose weight and get back to exercise this year." Be very specific; state the new realistic weight that you will be weighing on a particular day and date. Declare the number of times per week that you will be exercising. Provide yourself with 3-4 exercise choices, all ones that you enjoy, which makes your goal attainment more realistic. Revisit your list of goals frequently and rewrite them with even more detail as you know more specifically what it is that you want.

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