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"Rohini matthew" (2018-06-26)

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Because it enables access to the subconscious mind binaural beat technology can be used as a vehicle to accelerate other self improvement methods RestUp Reviewby amplifying affirmations and visualizations. This is a know powerful method of making positive lifestyle improvements which can be accessed by reaching Alpha and Theta states. By reprogramming our behaviour using this method there are many areas that can be improved, such as:One problem many people had with hypnosis was the false but common misconception that under a hypnotic trance, one gives up their individual free will and becomes the puppet of the therapist administering the hypnosis. Another issue that many people still believe, to this very day, that stage hypnosis is the be-all end-all, and it's nothing but a trick designed to entertain audiences and fill auditorium seats. And of course, there are some very "rational" people who think that any kind of medicine not involving pills, fancy machines and shots must be nothing but a way to either scam money from the gullible or reassure hypochondriacs.

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