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The Great Brain Secret Review

"willamprincy" (2018-06-27)

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They conduct the chemical analysis of tears The Great Brain Secret and found out that there are two important chemical substances in tears, namely enkephalin complex and prolactin. These two substances only exist in tears shed by people when they are affected by emotion. Experts can not detect the existence of these two substances in tears that occur when people are stimulated by onions. Therefore, they believe that tears can remove chemical substances accumulated in the body, which can lead to depression, so as to reduce mental stress.

Experts believe that apart from advantages of career, physiological condition, hormone and psychological condition, crying is another important reason for women's longer life expectancy. Usually, after people cry or weep, their emotional intensity will be reduced by 40%. On the contrary, if people can not take use of tears to get rid of emotional stress, it will effect their health. Therefore, experts hold the view that choking back tears means "suicide".

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