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Spiritual Laws Of Money Review

"Rohini matthew" (2018-06-28)

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Perhaps you pull up memories of a relative telling you something negative about you, or your third grade teacher saying you weren't smart-all just Spiritual Laws Of Money Review their opinions, of course. Perhaps you've made this your practice, without realizing what this does to you. When triggered emotionally, you may ask, What happened in the past?-which pulls up negative memories instead of asking, What can I tell myself that's supportive and moves me in the direction of my desire... makes my feeling-vibration a greater match with my desire?You can't imagine of yourself as More if you see yourself as Less. Any negative self thoughts are a form of resistance to the truth of who you really are. One way to practice self-forgiveness is to stop allowing the opinions of others past or present, or what you imagine their opinions are, to have more weight or merit or validity than what Source thinks. Source loves you, unconditionally, because you and It are one. It may be time to create a new concept of or for your Self, one that lets you see how much good there is about and in you. And let this new concept be the one you wake to each day.

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