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Fungus Hack Review

"Rohini matthew" (2018-07-06)

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Again vinegar can also be used and this is also very necessary and as such should always be done especially during this period. It is often done Fungus Hack Review by heating equal amounts of vinegar and water. A towel can then be soaked in a mixture, which is then wringed out and wrapped around the foot. It can be left wrapped for five minutes. Equal parts vinegar and cold water can then be mixed. This entire sequence is then repeated three times. Cucumber is also another great cure for swollen feet. A slice of cucumber can be placed on the feet and covered with a cotton cloth or bandage. Cucumber has the ability of absorbing the fluid and also speeding recovery.Lecithin seeds are yet another effective home remedy for the treatment of swelling of feet during pregnancy. Usually a tablespoon of about 3-4 is taken every day for about2-3 month. This is noted to have a magical effect and also manifests good results within 2-3 months. Besides sleeping or resting in one direction of the body and keeping the legs raised using soft cushion also reduces swelling of feet. This of course has been practiced by many people and as such should be noted by all those who wish to put it to practice.

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