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The Lost Book Of Remedies Review

"willam princy" (2018-07-27)

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This past evening I was comfortably sitting The Lost Book Of Remedies on the sofa watched the 1997 movie release entitled "Volcano". If you think back you will recall this movie as the disaster video which theoretically took place in the center of Los Angeles. According to the script this undetected underground volcano was effectively making short work of the city as it destroyed everything that came into its path. The showed featured the fabulous acting talents of Tommy Lee Jones who played the role of Mike Roark. Roark was the director of t4eh LA city emergency operations. During disasters he would ultimately have the final decision on what does and does not get accomplished under the name of disaster management. He was the man in charge of determining what actions the various agencies would take to combat this threat to their city.

As I watched the TV show it displayed how Tommy Lee would rattle off orders and in general how he handled the emergency situation. Most of the time Tommy Lee's actions called for making instant split second decisions which often involved life or death situations. I wondered than as I watched him in action if when my time came to do so, would I be able to act in such a proficient manner as he had.

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