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Einstein Success Code Review

"Rohini matthew" (2018-08-04)

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How they do that? Nobody wealthieand successful ever had that lamp, what they have is that they dreamed rich, have high hopes, gave great sacrifices, set real life Einstein Success Code Review goals and untiring efforts in the direction of that goalI will never forget Bill's famous line "If your born poor, it is your fate BUT if you die poor it is your fault."I was always keen to know and learn the habits, interests and attitude of these successful people but I always felt I missed something.I asked Pat to share with me his secrets of doing so. He shared little but whatever we had on that day, let me share with you as well.The second common problem we've witnessed among people who are inauthentic is that they settle. The geniuses we studied don't settle. They are unreasonable in their expectations, regardless of what the culture says. They force life to work with them on their terms, not the other way around. They know what they are good at and what they like to do and they refuse to allow themselves to get into work or roles, or relationships for that matter, that force them to be unhappy being something they are not.

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