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Az Formula Review

"nishishsandy" (2018-08-07)

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The value of this traffic is decreasing as popup blockers spread across more and more browsers. There are some methods of getting around these blockers, but if a person has elected to block them and your service still manages to deliver an advert, they are unlikely to respond. These are now quite old fashioned and only really useful in a very small number of niches.

Pros - Again, supposed to deliver high volumes of highly targeted,Az Formula relevant traffic. Unlike popunders, these are visitors that are sent to your website instead of landing on a website that no longer exists. Sounds like excellent marketing, maybe the perfect system as it is also cheap!

Cons - Not as good as it sounds. Campaigns can be slow to complete, depending on the country you are running your marketing activities in. Although they should be highly targeted, in my experience they have never actually delivered any measurable benefits. Could be why resellers are vanishing from the market.

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