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"nishishsandy" (2018-09-25)

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Let's say the doctor billed $250.00 for the consultation.Energyfirst-review/
What do you think is reasonable? Assuming you call the office when you receive the bill and talk to the bookkeeper. You ask for a discount and after some conversation you agree to make a credit card payment of $210 (about 12% discount). Not a bad deal because you each agreed to the amount. In reality, the fee should be between $112.00 to $128.00. But how would you know that without having some expertise or advice from a professional.

Medical Bill Consultants has a free public service that provides guidance on how to ask for discounts before you see the physician. The information on their website is invaluable to the patient, consumer who is in need of medical services.

Why is this service provided? Simply because the staff at Medical Bill Consultants does not want anyone to go without medical care because they are afraid the cost will be too high or because hey are to afraid to ask for discounts.

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