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Mindvalley Yoga Quest

"nishishsandy" (2018-10-17)

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Take other yoga classes or attend continuing education workshops.mindvalley-yoga-quest-review/ Many yoga instructors get in a routine of teaching several classes a week and often neglect taking classes themselves. Making time in your schedule to practice yoga with other teachers will give you new ideas and fresh material as well as allow you to reap the benefits of a nurturing yoga class. Remember that it is not the same to do yoga while you teach a class as it is to be able to be fully present while taking a class guided by another instructor.

Create a nurturing, relaxing atmosphere in your class. Use candles, low lights, and soothing music. Arrange your music playlist so that it begins with a song geared towards getting centered and quieting the mind. End it with a relaxing, meditative tune for savasana. You can also make it interesting by playing contemporary music from time to time. Eliminate any distractions you may foresee before the class begins.

Welcome new students who come to your class. Starting a yoga class for the first time may be scary and newcomers will want to be reassured. Introduce yourself to them and ask them if they have any specific health conditions that you should know about. Make sure that they have a proper mat and offer them any props you think they may need.

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