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Uncompromised Life

"willamprincy" (2018-10-22)

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So, exactly what does this have to do with world peace? Think about Uncompromised Life Review what happens to get wars or terrorist activities started. What goes on in the minds of people that they would want violent behavior? Do you think the kids that performed mass shootings in movie theaters and high schools have an internal dialog that includes happiness, joy, peace, or compassion? Most likely, people involved in violent behaviors have extremely negative self talk. What about people who feel the need to control women, prevent education, and manipulate other people through fear? Do you think their self talk tends to be very positive? Where did terrorists, murderers, rapists, and other violent criminals learn to think the way they think? Where did that horrible form of self talk come from? Did they learn the attitudes and behaviors from the people around them? Might some of it come from violence in the news, movies, and entertainment? By the way, has anyone ever wondered if it makes sense to call violence entertainment? What if they just have holes in their brains?

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