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Win Supremacy Review

by willam princy (2018-10-24)

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What if you bet the horse at fair value odds only to have it drop Win Supremacy to less than fair value? Then you have just risked your money on a losing proposition. Even if the horse manages to win twice out of ten races, if it is at less than 5-1, how much will you make? You'll actually lose if it drops below 9-2. What if the race goes off and the odds drop to 4-1? you're a loser at that point, my friend.

First of all, most favorites drop in price after the final bell. Secondly, in a race with a heavily bet favorite and a decent second choice, the second choice may often get a lot of late money from value shoppers. These situations make third and fourth choice horses much more likely to retain or even gain value after the bell. Be very leery of a horse who seems to stand over the rest but is getting less respect than it should. Many times, that correction will occur.

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