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"willamprincy" (2018-10-25)

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Congratulations! You have now trained your brain to Uncompromised Life Reviews ski perfectly. Practice this regularly. Your body will have an easier time turning that imaginary skiing experience into reality when your belief system includes your ability to ski perfectly. Your brain will not care if you have skied physically or only mentally in the imagination. Your belief system will accept your ability to be a fantastic skier with some skiing meditation. Sports training and meditation includes this type of exercise. This is also a form of manifestation.

I actually did this same meditation while riding in a car on the way to my second skiing experience. The first time I went skiing was in Arizona and I never got past the bunny slope. The second time I went skiing was 15 years later. I started on the beginner slope and finished the afternoon on the most difficult of the intermediate slopes. Sure, I fell a few times. I also skied far better than most people on a second skiing experience!

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