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Expert Author Kevin Hutto The question asked in the title of this article Target-tipsters-review/
might seem confusing. After all, isn't the answer always "in a racetrack, of course"? Horse races are definitely held on a racetrack but, thanks to technology, it is possible to enjoy these events from other venues as well. Even if you're not betting but simply want to enjoy looking at the tremendous power of these animals as they run at breakneck speeds, here are some places where you can watch any horse race.

If you're at the racetrack, you can choose to sit in the grandstand where most spectators are. You can reserve a box seat or take advantage of clubhouse seating as well. You can also choose to watch from many of the restaurants around the track who televise the races. For added thrill, you can watch from a fence at the track and literally feel the power of a horse as it races past you.If you're not at the racetrack, then you can go online and watch a race from the Internet. You can even view races from around the world online.

Another area from which to watch a horse race in is at an Off-Track Betting Station or OTB. These establishments are regulated by the town in which it operates, so don't be surprised if the OTB station of one town allows betting while another does not. It really depends on local regulations.Larger casinos televise horse races so you can consider watching from there too.Finally, if you're looking forward to watching graded 1 stakes races like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes, but can't personally attend these events, there's always good old television. These races are televised every year. Check your tv guide for schedules.There are many places in which you can watch any horse racing event. Technology has made it all possible. Have fun!

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