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High Carb Fat Loss Review

"joannamartin" (2019-07-12)

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This is a unique online program that gets down to the myths we’ve all been tricked into believing for way too long. The program claims that your body rarely stores carbs as body fat and it’s actually the fat you eat that becomes the fat you see on your body. It’s believed that excess carbs that your body doesn’t use for energy are stored in your muscles as glycogen – much better than it being stored as fat on your belly. It even goes on to say that the only time carbs convert into fat is when your muscles are full of glycogen which rarely happens, as the average person can store up to 1,500 – 2,0000 calories of glycogen. Interesting stuff?Well, that’s only a glimpse at what High Carb Fat Lossis about. Of course, I can’t give you all the secrets but what I can tell you is that, by eating a special high carb diet and lowering your dietary fat to approximately 8 – 10% of daily calories a day, you can receive the physique you’ve always wanted.

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