Cultivating Audiation Through Holistic Early Learning: Attainable and Sustainable Growth for Music Education

John L. Vitale


As a subject of study in the public school system, music has consistently endured budget cuts and marginalization within the curriculum (Jorgensen, 2003; Pio, 2007).  With extensive experience as a music educator at multiple levels, I argue that the cultivation of audiation through holistic early learning will foster attainable and sustainable growth for music education.  In the spirit of realizing attainable and sustainable growth for music education, this paper will examine and discuss three principal points: (a) that creativity should be a critically important part of all education; (b) that a well-balanced approach to creativity involves a multisensory curriculum that includes opportunities to cultivate audiation rather than a traditional curriculum that has primarily favoured visual experiences; and (c) that sonic play, exploration, and discovery will help students improve their audiation and help them to become well-rounded learners who understand the value of music and music education.


music education, holistic early learning, creativity, multisensory perception, visual bias, audiation

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