Are Students' Days Really Balanced? The Importance of Learning in Nature


  • Jennifer A. E. Lucas Lakehead University


This paper and accompanying film, which were presented at the First Global Conference on Holistic Early Learning and Development, share findings from research conducted at an outdoor early childcare center in Ontario, Canada.  I am an independent educator and parent interested in education in nature.  My daughter was enrolled at an early childcare center with a focus on outdoor education and environmental awareness and sustainability.  At age 3 she enrolled in a forest school program that amplified her ecological and experiential education.  In this article, I first discuss background information about myself and my interest in learning in nature.  Next, I review some literature that explores whole-child learning and development through a connection with nature.  Then my research study and related findings are discussed.  In closing, I introduce and explain the hyperlinked film that accompanies the aforementioned research findings.